A cheap and easy to repair the toilet barrel.

  • Dec 28, 2019

There was a leak in a barrel of the toilet, it threatens not always pleasant encounter with a drunk plumber. High water consumption and high bills. According to Feng Shui also say that water leaks, home to an empty wallet.

This is our patient. All photos from the personal archive.
This is our patient. All photos from the personal archive.

The main problem is the leaking barrel bottom valve.

Its cost is only 20 rubles. Pre-buy in a hardware store. If you can not find on sale, then this is the reason of this in the end.

Photo from personal archive
Photo from personal archive

Almost forgot) Pre-close the cold water faucet.

Unscrew the toilet button, if you do not unscrew it to make greater efforts. Twist counterclockwise.

After removing the cover barrel, unscrew the upper part of the pouring mechanism. Let go of his hand into the tank, take over the body and twist counterclockwise. Until characteristic shelchka. We take out.

Change the bottom valve. So how old is already tired.

Valves may be different. But mostly they are interchangeable.

After some simple manipulations collect drainage mechanism in the reverse order.

Our patient is ready. Water does not flow.

If a foot valve is not commercially available, it means that the shops cunning plumbing. It is easier to sell a completely fitting for keg than a penny gasket. A replacement valve in the tank such as Moscow is 2000 rubles. In regions cheaply.

Girls share this article with your man. This will save your budget. Just met women who repair the barrels themselves.

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