Fluffy and warm mat with his hands out of felt and yarn

  • Dec 28, 2019

Friends, Hello!

For a long time we did not make rugs by hand. And just today I want to show you how we made a rug made of felt and a few balls of yarn. Carpet was very soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch and very warm.

Just I want to write, which would then have been no issues, the mat can be washed by hand with warm water. Nothing bad will happen to him. This is not our first such work, so that the process tested.

we have used to create a rug:

· Thick felt;

· Wool blend yarn (took about 350 grams);

· Hot glue (spent about 10 bars;

· The strip of corrugated cardboard;

· Scissors and pencil.

I ask those who are all easier to buy, and who do not understand that this is a hobby that brings the fun of the creation process, pass, please by, do not waste your time. Better hurry to the store, he soon closed! Thanks.

Step 1.

Thick piece of felt cut size of 60 to 40 cm. The size can be anything you wish.

Step 2.

excised band width of 3 cm and a length of about 45 cm from corrugated cardboard. Attached to the felt and pointed edges.

Step 3.

Yarn used three colors, alternating them. You can choose any color what you like the best.

Take a strip of cardboard and begin to wind her yarn, from features to features on the board.

At the end we put a little hot glue, a glue thread wound part (but not to the cardboard) and crop.

Step 4.

Apply hot glue on the felt, on the side that 40 cm and glued cardboard with wound yarn edge. We are waiting for a few seconds until the glue cools.

Step 5.

Scissors cut the thread and extract the board.

Step 6.

From the first strip glued back down to 2 cm and a second sticking. Cut it and remove the cardboard.

Thus sticking strip of yarn to the end of the felt, alternating yarn color.

Step 7.

Along the edges of the mat clipped sticking thread.

Step 8.

We are pushing the yarns in each strip and causes hot glue.

Pad is ready! Our kitty once it was chosen and nearly took it from us.

If you are interested in the process in motion, then watch the video:

And now, in anticipation of some of your questions, I will answer them:

1. How to wash? Wash can be a rug in warm water with his hands and did not fall apart.

2. Why not ask? Needle sewing machine starts to jam in the hot glue and thread just torn.

3. Hot glue the top will dig into the legs? Absolutely not. He did not even feel underfoot.

4. Where a rug? Feet, for example, a computer desk, and feet will always be warm.

5. Why waste time when you can buy ready-made? This is a hobby that brings the fun of the creation process.

6. Hot glue holding bad? If the smooth plastic, the bad, and felt and yarn sticks together tightly, it is checked for years.

I hope I answered your question, but if you have more, feel free to ask in the comments.

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Thank you very much!