A simple and beautiful basket of hot glue

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

In today's very simple master-class will show you how to make a beautiful basket of hot glue. The basket can be used for different purposes, such as making it a little bunch of flowers or sweets to fill and give to someone.

We used materials for making baskets:

· Hot glue;

· The glass quart jar;

· Hand cream;

· Sewing meter and the marker;

· Paint in the can;

· With warm water Taz;

· Artificial flowers for decoration;

· Satin Ribbon.

We used a quart jar, but if you wish, you can use 2 and 3 liter. Hand cream suit absolutely anyone can use even Vaseline.

Step 1.

Glass jar thoroughly smeared hand cream.

Step 2.

Apply hot glue to the bank. First, on the bottom that would make a lattice and circumferentially.

Step 3.

Using sewing meter dosed circumferentially banks 6 cm from the bottom. Size can be done by anyone, despite what height you want to make a basket.

Step 4.

According to the guide line we put hot glue. Then, connect the glue the bottom part of the basket from the top. It can be drawn any pattern.

Step 5.

"Drawing" on the bank to handle the basket.

Step 6.

When the glue has cooled, the handle is torn off from the banks and remove the basket itself.

If it is difficult to remove, it is necessary to lower the jar in a basin of warm water, a little glue will soften and easily comes off from the banks. Between the adhesive and the banks can be to stick the knife.

Step 7.

When the handle and the basket of dry water, glue them together.

Step 8.

Paint basket with white paint from a container.

Step 9.

Basket decorated decorative flowers, and the handle woven satin ribbon.

Basket ready, you can put it in a bouquet.

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