Vases 3 of the boxes from milk, plaster bandage and putty

  • Dec 28, 2019

Friends, I welcome you to another master-class!

Today I want to share with you how to make a vase out of 3 boxes of milk, plaster bandage and putty. Vases were very original and they can safely pour water. They made quite simple and not very long.

For those who are not interested in this topic, just walk past. Why do you waste your time if you're not interested?

For the manufacture of vases, I used:

· Boxes of milk or yogurt;

· Plaster bandages sold in pharmacies;

· Construction gypsum based plaster (finishing);

· PVA glue (can not);

· Rollers, brushes, putty knives, sandpaper;

· Acrylic paint (black, white, and bronze);

· Acrylic lacquer.

I found the cost of the three vases and there you are:

1. Boxes of milk - 0 rubles;

2. 1 roll of bandage - 50 rubles;

3. Caulking 1 kg (rounded) - 25 rubles;

4. Rollers, I do not think a brush and a spatula, as if you are a long time in needlework, then you have them.

5. PVA glue 50 grams - 7 rubles;

6. Paints - 20 rubles;

7. Lac - no more than 10 rubles.

Total for 3 vases took 112 rubles. That is the cost of a vase

about 40 rubles. This, I thought of our local rates, you might get a little more expensive or cheaper than the other way around.

I will not torment you, let's get started!

Step 1.

In cartons of milk cut off the top part.

Step 2.

All three boxes pasted with a plaster bandage in two layers. Convenient stick as follows: applied a bandage to the box and wetted with water using a brush.

Step 3.

Cut into small pieces of bandage and stuck them on the upper end of the box.

Step 4.

At the bottom of the box is not smooth, so the vase will wander, you need to fix it. At the bottom of pasted pieces of bandage for stability and closed more piece. He left to dry.

After 5 hours the hot balcony plaster bandage almost completely dry.

If you are in the room is cool and wet, the bandage will dry longer. Just leave the box at night, bandages exactly have time to dry and harden.

Step 5.

The cup poured a bit of putty, adding PVA glue diluted with water 50 to 50. Stir to avoid lumps. Caulking should not be too thick as sour cream home.

Boxes primed the same diluted glue.

Step 6.

Apply a bit of putty on one side of the box and began to roll a small roller with a small pile. It turns out an interesting texture as "hedgehog." Likewise I walked across the box.

Step 7.

In the second box will make the texture a rubber roller.

Rubber roller is used for wallpapering.

Just paid a plaster on the box and roll the rubber roller. To get the invoice, something similar to the bark of a tree.

Step 8.

The third box is also decorated the squeegee, but prokatyval not along, but in different directions. Also got an interesting texture.

I leave all boxes up to complete drying putty.

How do I know when the coat is completely dry? Firstly, it will be light, almost white, secondly, the touch should not be cold and room temperature.

Step 9.

After drying, a little walked sandpaper, yedinichku.

Step 10.

2 vases painted black, and the third white, and left to dry for 1 hour.

Step 11.

Black vase tinted bronze and pearlescent colors, and white, with black paint.

Step 12.

At the end carefully covered with acrylic lacquer 2 times.

Here and ready vases.

Look what we have done vases:

Decorative vase of ball and a plaster bandage

Bright Vase from a plastic bottle

Exclusive vase made of plastic bottles

Most elegant vase with his own hands

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Thank you very much!