The roots of orchids got out of the pot: what to do

  • Dec 24, 2019
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The number of preferential love orchid growers for its elegant appearance and bright exotic flowers. Therefore, the emergence of a large number of ordinary-looking aerial roots can hardly someone to please. Get out of the pot gray-green shoots spoil the appearance and make you think about the state of the plant. What to do in a given situation, how to bring a flower to its original healthy appearance? Let's investigate.

Roots got out of the pot - this is normal?

The structure of the orchid presupposes the existence of aerial roots. With their help flower receives the lion's share of air moisture and is also involved in photosynthesis. In addition, the natural environment aerial roots serve as a means of support and plant support. They are a full part of the flower - this is the structure of an orchid. There is only one caveat. Number of aerial roots in a healthy flower, usually no more than 3-4 pieces. Therefore, the multiple processes of getting out in all directions from the pot are no longer the norm. Their appearance should be alerted.

Can I get rid of the aerial roots

Completely get rid of the aerial roots should not be, they are an integral part of the plant. However, it is possible to reduce the number of 3-4 pieces, which will be the norm for the flower, and at the same time solve the problem of appearance.

Why aerial roots grow

The reason for the large number of aerial roots is quite simple - the flower is just not enough air. Thick soil moisture and prolonged stagnation prevent oxygen circulation, causing the plant begins to "selected" from the damaging of the substrate. If he does not help do that, the root system will begin to rot.

Reduce the number of roots of the orchid

To solve the problem, it is necessary to reduce the watering and make sure that there is no longer water stagnation. However, these measures will help only in case if the original soil for flower picked right. Proper ground can be called a light well drained substratum. You can cook yourself, and you can buy ready-made in gardening shop.

If it is suspected that the ground for orchids is too tight, it is better to change. Transplanted flower in a well-drained pot filled with a mixture of bark and light soil. Before transplanting aerial roots should be dipped for 30-60 minutes in the water. This procedure will make them more flexible and to avoid damage.

In the future, the dead aerial roots can be gradually removed with the result that over time orchid acquire a healthy and attractive appearance.

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