Can a completely white apartment be cozy? Shown by the example of a three-ruble note 55 m2 in St. Petersburg

  • Dec 15, 2020

Designer Dmitry Dubrovsky has designed a 55 m² eurotreshka located in the Palevsky residential area in St. Petersburg. Palevsky housing estate is a historical and cultural monument of the Soviet avant-garde architecture.

  • total area: 55 m²
  • Number of rooms: eurotrashka
  • House type: building built in 1925-1927
  • A place: Palevsky Zhilmassiv, Petersburg
  • Who lives here: a family with an adult daughter
  • Budget: 7 million rubles
  • Designer: Dmitry Dubrovsky (Duga studio)
  • Photo: Ivan Sorokin
The space is divided in two by a load-bearing brick wall. During the redevelopment, two bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, a bathroom and a bathroom with a mini-laundry were allocated. The interior was done mainly in white. They took the neoclassical style as a basis.

Living room

The historic brickwork was cleaned and refurbished. The old chimney was sealed and a La Nordica rotary stove was found. The architect designed the lattices for the windows, repeating the drawing of the old fence of the Palevsky residential area.

The SK design sofa refreshes the white interior with accent colors and textures. The height of the legs is adjustable at the table, which allows it to be used both as a dining table and a coffee table.

Black elements added graphicity - in particular, the circle of the Handle Studio lamp and the GS mebel shelf.


The island acts as a border between the zones. It was connected to the work surface by a countertop, which was combined with the windowsill. Thus, we have formed a place for breakfast.

Most of the fronts for the upper cabinets were made transparent. Due to the white color of the headsets, which covers almost the entire perimeter of the zone, it does not look bulky.

Daughter's bedroom

Both bedrooms were equipped with Akimov design storage systems with mirrored facades. They frame the doors and reflect the view outside the window.

The tranquil finish is set off by the green SK design bed and gold and brass details. In particular, the Dantone Home chandelier and table lamp.

Parents' bedroom

The wide window sill serves as a dressing table. Built-in wardrobes with Akimov design showcases were placed on the sides.


The entrance hall has been separated from the living room with a transparent Loft Gran partition with graphic black profiles. It lets natural light into the entrance area.


The bathroom is equipped with a mini-laundry. Above the toilet, hidden storage of household and hygiene products was organized.

The same materials were used to decorate the bathroom. The neutral interior was refreshed with a splash of brass details.


Prepared by Igor Barantsev.

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